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Students at First Tower Primary School have spent the past ten weeks learning to code their own computer programs.   The after-school coding club, run by First Tower Primary School parent Elaine Feltham, teaches six and seven year olds the principles of coding. By the end of the course they are able to create their own computer games using the programming software “Scratch". Mr ...

Whether you are already using a CRM system, or you are considering a CRM system for the first time, your business goals and objectives should be identified to ensure that design decisions and choices made during the implementing of CRM make a real difference to your business. CRM success is never based upon a “one size fits all” solution. Rushing into a quick fix by deploying a ...

Innovative companies know that using CRM as part of a business strategy, helps them build and strengthen customer, partner, and supplier relationships. Now that you have decided to deploy your CRM system, you no doubt have big plans for its future.  Translating your CRM vision into a reality can seem extremely complex.  Breaking down a large CRM implementation into smaller, eas ...

Software development company XRM Architects has made two new appointments and is expanding into new offices that will enable the company to increase the scale of its operations. 

3 critical factors for successful CRM user adoption   According to Forrester, the most concerning threat in CRM projects is slow user adoption (49%). That’s a major challenge faced by organisations. So why is this the case? End user adoption – the acceptance and use of software or apps to meet a specific need – is possibly the most important part of implementing a CRM system. I ...

What is Duplicate Detection in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Duplicate detection in Microsoft Dynamics is designed to help maintain data integrity. Duplicate detection rules can be configured for any entity and applied when: creating a record, updating a record, during imports, as a scheduled job. The problem with duplicate detection rules un-publishing Last week I had a client com ...

Primary School Children at First Tower School are proud to have completed their first coding course with the help of Scratch, a leading online learning tool, and coding books provided by Jersey CRM and IT Consultancy firm XRM Architects.

Jersey CRM and IT Consultancy firm XRM Architects has announced that it is entering into partnering with  The partnership will combine XRM Architect’s expertise in CRM product development with’s proven track record in implementation and support services to deliver solutions to help Jersey businesses enhance their CRM systems and comply with financial regulations.

XRM Architects are the first to launch a locally developed solution to help companies achieve their new Beneficial Ownership obligations, as outlined by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

Say hello to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 that has been smartly designed to be a combination of ERP and CRM enterprise. It’s been styled to be the ultimate system in terms of flexibility and extensibility.

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