Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

We're looking for a Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer to join our team in Jersey - architecting, designing, and implementing Dynamics CRM solutions for mid-market and enterprise-level environments.

Senior Software Developer Consultant (C#, .NET, SQL)

In your role as a C#, .NET, SQL, Senior Level Software Developer, you’ll be part of a team that is meeting the needs of our clients. You’ll spend most of your time working with our clients to develop solutions for mid-market and enterprise-level environments.

This will include implementing solutions that integrate with Dynamics 365 (training provided).

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Good things come to those that wait, but better things come to those that work for us. 

We provide you with what you need to be successful, such as strong leadership and tools. We give you the authority to make decisions that are in line with our values and our plans for the future. We will be hiring only the best people in the industry to work with you.

As our company grows, the perks and benefits that we offer our employees will also.

At XRM we offer a competitive salary, we value experience and employees who have drive and ambition. 

We offer career advancement and promotions within our firm.

We can assist with a Career Progression plan to help you become the best you can be.  A career development plan will give you the confidence you need to succeed, help you take charge of your own advancement to define your future career path.  We all have strengths and weaknesses, and to avoid getting stuck in a rut it's important we take responsibility for our weaknesses and create training plans to overcome them.

We use a specialist HR firm to assist with you career progression plan and assist in your growth.





Our core values mean that we foster continual learning in our company. We provide you with training plans and a budget, to ensure that you have all that you need to stay at the top of your game.

We know that with good training, you’ll be able to grow and thrive whilst doing your best work.

Whether it’s software, working methods or legislations – there is continual change in this industry. By providing you with regular training, you won’t get left behind and you’ll stay highly employable for any other opportunities that you want to take in the future.

In addition to training, we also provide internal training and mentoring to share best practice.

Training is important to us, we feel it’s one of the best ways to maintain competitive advantage. If our employees are better than the competition, then we know that we will be top of our industry.

We provide you with the means to be better.

We will pay for you to take your certification. With so much changing on an almost daily basis, we know it’s critical that you learn new technology to ensure that as a company, our knowledge is current.

We pride our selves of being an exceptional brilliant team who can only be described as hands on and the best and brightest. 

We work hard and it's important that you have sufficient downtime, that's why our paid leave covers:

  • 9 days: All 9 Jersey bank holidays that fall on business days are paid days.  

  • 1 Day: Your birthday is a special day as such we give you a paid day off if it falls on a business day.

  • 3 or 4 days: The company does not operate between Christmas Eve through to New Year where everyone has compulsory paid days off work.

  • 0.5 days: half day for the Battle of Britain.

  • 0.5 days: half day for the Battle of Flowers.

  • 20 to 25 days: We also have 4 weeks, increasing 1 day a year up to 5 weeks, for annual leave.





If your birthday falls on a working day, then we will give you a day off – on us. Of course, any cakes you want to share in celebration will be highly appreciated!

The company closes down between Christmas and New Year for a paid break. We believe it’s time for employees to spend time with family and over indulgence.

We have various outings to make sure we're having fun and good times together these are usually include food and drink.

Our employee's can attend the Battle of Britain Air Display with a paid half day off.  

We're committed to keeping our a work life balance in check, this time off allows us to spend time with our family or friends.

Our employee's can attend the Battle of Flowers with a paid half day off.  

We're committed to keeping our a work life balance in check, this time off allows us to spend time with our family and/or friends.

You can bring your own device to work, and to help you to do this, we offer £1500 after probation towards the purchase of employee’s laptop.

Take Care Of Your Employees And They’ll Take Care Of Your Business

Richard Branson

We love what we do and enjoy our work.  We look after our employees to help create a great working environment, this not only aids employee retention and team work but means we are happy at work.

Life's too short not to be happy.

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