For Understanding Trust & Company Structures

Ownership structures are often complex and contain many layers of connections which make it difficult to visualise the whole structure or find details of a particular entity that is nested deep within the structure.

Connection Explorer provides an easy to read data visualisation of connections between records within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help reduce the complexity and simplify the navigation of structures.

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For Compliance Reporting

Compliance teams are required to maintain connections between records and efficiently report on these connections in order to comply with rules, standards, laws, and regulations.

Connection Explorer takes the connections you have set up between records and automatically pulls these into a clean, easy to read tree view.

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  • Easy to read data visualisation of connections between records.
  • Automatic creation of a data visualisation tree view using connections.
  • Simple tree navigation.
  • Easy access to any record details within the tree.

Connection Explorer is easy to use.

Click on the drop-down icons to delve deeper into the structure and explore the connections between records.

Right click on records within the Connection Explorer tree to open the selected record or its connection for easy access and maintenance of details.

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Connection Explorer Screen Grab

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Installing Connection Explorer

Please follow the below steps to install Connection Explorer:

Open your Dynamics instance and go to solutions.

    Classic interface

  • This is found under your organisations main drop down, under settings
  • Unified Interface

  • Click the gear icon in the top right navigation and go to advanced settings.
  • Then go to the settings dropdown and click solutions.
Solutions Classic Interface

Solutions Unified Interface

Within the solutions page, click the import icon within the solutions navigation bar, under All solutions.

In the newly opened import window, click Choose file and navigate your way to the .zip of the solution and click next.

Import solutions

The next page contains information regarding the solution and details on the solution package. Simply click import and the solution will begin to be uploaded to your CRM instance. This may take a few minutes.

Once completed, welcome to Connection Explorer!

Import solutions

Purchasing Connection Explorer

Connection Explorer is available to purchase through XRM Architects. We offer on-site or remote installation support for the tool and can build customisations specific to your organisation on request. You can request a demo or a quote here.

As part of our installation support, we will ensure that you have set up your connection roles and we can help you to import connections from other systems.

Connection Explorer is currently available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We can adapt Connection Explorer for other CRM versions upon request.

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XRM Architects stepped in at very short notice, with little knowledge of the project, and took complete control of the situation. They worked tirelessly to extract and deliver the data to the regulators and went the extra mile to ensure that everything was completed in time.
Clive Le Marquand, Partner, PKF BBA

Request a Demo or Purchase Pro Version

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