Whether you are already using a CRM system, or you are now at the point of considering implementing a new CRM system, business goals and objectives should be identified to ensure that design decisions and choices made during the implementing of CRM are beneficial to your business.  

We recommend you need to consider these basic factors before embarking on your CRM journey:

  • "Why are we considering a CRM?"
  • "What problems are we trying to solve?"
  • "Which business goals and objectives should we this CRM system assist with?"
  • “What can be broken into phases?”
  • “When should each phase be implemented in the coming years?”

For your new system to succeed, you need to be able to clearly identify how you want it to work for you. Being unable to do so will hinder the potential benefits that your CRM should be able to bring to your business. 

CRM success in never based upon a “one size fits all” solution.  Rushing into a quick fix by deploying a strategically unaligned CRM is a common problem, which will lead to dissatisfaction with the system after a few months. Your company will not receive the business value you are expecting.

Given our experience, XRM Architects offer a service that we call Envision.  This service is designed to help all our clients to develop a strategic roadmap to guide their CRM program.  From initial conception, through to implementation and beyond, the roadmap will provide the navigation to ensure a successful CRM solution.

Some of the key elements of our Envision process include:

  • Defining the Strategic Goals and objectives of the program of work
  • Developing a Long-Term CRM Roadmap for a program of work
  • Identifying Key Metrics for success and acceptance criteria

As part of our Envision services, XRM Architects can offer a series of workshops that will enable you to identify the critical aspects of your CRM project. These will include:

  • identify strategic objectives
  • establishing programme initiatives
  • recognising system capabilities
  • determining potential obstacles to success

As specialists in our field, XRM Architects can then craft a strategy using these results to produce a comprehensive road map for your CRM project.

We will also help you to prioritise each business value and instigate a strategy with you to ensure each of your initiatives is achieved.  From there, we will outline a bespoke long-term strategy, including essential key milestones and your bespoke success metrics, to ensure that your new CRM achieves the business values you seek. 

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