We’ve successfully built and deployed many implementations for small and large size enterprises across a variety of industries throughout the Channel Islands that are typically used across many jurisdictions. Does this sound similar to your business challenge? Can we help you?

Our services include:

Sales Team Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help you to keep on top of your sales funnel, prospects and customers at the touch of a button.  Your prospects and existing clients now become at the centre of your focus. With your CRM system, you will be able to do what’s necessary to increase revenue by connecting with your audience. Your business planning becomes easier to handle and your organisation develops and expands 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is powerful when it comes to creating marketing communications and distributing them to your existing clients and prospective customers. Operating in a close loop manner, your marketing system will now enable you to collect data and analyse results so that you can optimize your marketing message. It also makes it possible to automate your marketing process to that you can focus on the right people, with the right message to improve revenue.

Customer Service

It’s critical that the interactions of your customer service team are tracked also. By using the same system, it’s easy to gain access to all history of the customer so that you can look like you know what you’re doing and prevent customer frustration. It also means that you can identify services and products that are relevant in keeping your customers engaged and happy.



While Implementing the about solutions, we often have to perform data migrations and integrations to external systems.

Data Migrations

If you company already uses a CRM system, we can ensure a smooth migration of data from your existing software to our superior Microsoft CRM systems.

Many of our projects involve an element of data migration, and we understand that as a business you want to keep your existing customer data bases and information.  That is why we have a wealth of experience in ensuring seamless migrations from every type of system available. Because of our experience, we can reuse tools, patterns and processes that we have built in the past, saving you both time and money!


If you are looking to integrate the features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into an existing application or web-based service, we can assist you with this.  At XRM Architects we have a high level of experience of this kind of work, including some very complex, real-time bi-directional updates.

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