What would it mean if anyone in your business could create beautiful reports and present data in a meaningful way? What if, rather than long, expensive software development projects, your team could quickly build apps and workflows in a matter of hours or days?

Businesses like yours are becoming more productive faster, using the new Microsoft Power Platform. And if you're using Office 365, these are tools you already have available at no additional cost.

Microsoft Power Apps Jersey

Microsoft PowerApps

Application Development: Build custom apps in hours rather than months. Connect them to your existing data and systems with ease.

Microsoft Flow Jersey

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow)

Workflow Automation: Build automated workflows in minutes with no code. Integrate hundreds of popular apps and services.

Microsoft Power BI Jersey

Microsoft Power BI

Business Analytics: Turn data into insightful visualizations. Enable your team to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

How businesses are using Power Platform

Because Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are designed to work together, your business can quickly and easily build custom apps, automate workflows, and analyse data insights.

Construction and Conveyancing

Reporting from Site

Submit point of work risk assessments or site visit reports from a custom app on your team’s phones or tablets. Store the results automatically in your existing systems and be automatically notify the appropriate team member if certain criteria are met (e.g. specific issues or missing information is included in the submission).

Power Apps in Construction
Power Apps in Financial Services

Financial Services

Easing the Documentation Burden

Help relationship managers on-board a new client, automate processes like distributing standard forms and templates, manage approval and compliance workflows digitally, or securely capture meeting notes into your existing line of business systems from a mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Marketing Teams

Automating Approval Workflows

Imagine you want to start getting your team to start contributing content for your social media channels but need an approval process to ensure that everything that’s posted meets your social media guidelines.

You ask your team to enter their posts in a SharePoint list and create a Flow. Whenever a new item is added to the SharePoint List, the Flow starts an approval process with details of the post. You get an email asking you to approve the post. If you approve the post, then it’s posted to your social media channels. If you reject it then you email your team member with feedback.

Power Apps in Marketing

How We Can Help

Power Apps / Office 365 Consultancy

With PowerApps being a relatively new tool, many businesses are unsure how they could be making the most of it. For those that have the ideas, their teams often need some training and support to feel comfortable with the tools.

We provide workshops and training sessions designed to:

  • Help your business identify ways to become more efficient by using PowerApps
  • Teach your users how to build their own solutions

Power Apps / Office 365 Development

Whilst your own users will be able to create simple solutions to their everyday problems, PowerApps is as powerful as you want to make it. Is there a project you’ve been putting off because you assume it will take months of software development and lots of expense?

We use PowerApps to build complex solutions much faster than traditional software projects and would love to see if we could build you the solution you need faster and at lower cost than you’re currently anticipating.

Discover how Microsoft Power Platform could make your business more efficient.